Easter in Western Sicily

Easter in Western Sicily


La buona forchetta meets Jesus

In 2012 we began our time in Europe visiting Palermo, Trapani, and the surrounding area in order to take advantage of the local Easter celebrations.

We were met in Trapani by our very good friend Enzo Lipari who grew up in that wonderful city. He made us feel like locals, revealing the customs and secret rituals that were taking place all around us throughout the Processione dei Misteri (or Procession of the Mysteries). We were also privileged to be invited to a sacred ceremony, Easter dinner, with family and friends in Palermo. The holiday ended with a traditional Sicilian outing to the country on the Monday after Easter called Pasquetta.

MudGuide’s book Easter in Western Sicily captures all the best moments of this exceptional experience. With over 100 pages and almost 200 beautiful color photographs, you will feel like you were there with us over these five days of Sicilian Easter.



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There are some great reviews of Easter in Western Sicily.

Debo says “…  Enjoy this journey with Morgan and Patti and their Sicilian friends as they eat their way through the history and pageantry of Easter celebrations in Western Sicily ... ”

T.S. Levitt says “… Hart’s take on Sicily, and the events surrounding Easter in particular neighborhoods, is intensely personal, revealing not only his long association with travel in Sicily, but the lives of people there, the reasons for traditions, unpublished, but public, local rites, and highly detailed specifics on cuisine, language and just simply getting around …

Georgette D. Verdin says “… I love this book and have recommended it to many who are traveling to the island. It is funny, and literate, and takes the reader to exactly what it means to travel in Sicily and appreciate all its nuances …”

Ulli says “… Not only is this book entertaining with Morgan’s detailed and colorful descriptions of Sicilian life, people, and food, but it is also a history lesson about Sicily and the areas in which they traveled …”

You can read the complete reviews on Amazon.com or write your own review below.


Here is a map of all the places we talk about in Easter in Western Sicily.

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