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Although we love the North Fork in the winter time, it can get kind of lonely.  With the Northern Lights Saloon and Home Ranch Bottoms closed for the year, we’re left with making our own entertainment with bonfires and house parties.  Recently I began thinking about all the wonderful times we had this summer and fall on the North Fork and thought I would pull it all together in a quick review for MudGuide. The North Fork is the slowest place on earth, so why not include it in a guide about slow travel?

4th of July Parade in Polebridge

The summer began at the 4th of July parade in Polebridge.  This is an event that is held every year and includes floats, bands, and judges all very much home grown.  Here are a few of the photos.  You can see all of them from our post North Fork 4th of July.

Hiking, Floating, and Fishing

One of the reasons we love the North Fork in the summer is all the opportunities to get outdoors and have some fun.  We’ve posted detailed descriptions of the hikes we took this summer to Tuchuck and Nasukoin mountains.  We’re currently working on even more hiking posts and will eventually publish a book for next summer. We also floated and fished the North Fork river in kayaks and Richard’s drift boat as well as fished “the pond.” Here are some photos to enjoy.

Grizzly in the Yard


This was a huge grizzly bear year.  There were reports of three or four sows each with two cubs.  Everyone saw them all summer long.  Here are some photos that we took of a mother grizzly and her cubs that came into the yard.

Secrest Studio’s Annual Art Show

The next big event of the summer was Lee Secret’s art show that happens every August.  Lee creates beautiful pieces out of the local wood. His art show not only gives all the local artists a chance to display their work, but is always a whole lot of fun. For the first time ever, MudGuide participated this year selling our books.

The Grouse

This was the year of the grouse.  We have always enjoyed eating grouse at our friends’ houses, but we had never gone after this tasty bird ourselves. License and gun in hand, Team Mago walked the woods and got us some grouse.  You can find out everything we learned about grouse in our post Montucky’s Juicy Sprucies – the Hunt, Field Dressing, the Prep, the Feast.  Be prepared.  Morgan got pretty graphic.

Northern Lights Saloon

Address: 255 Polebridge Loop, Polebridge MT 59928— Get directions
Telephone: (406) 888-9963
Get more info….
Rostra rating: ratingfull-8204908ratingfull-8204908ratingfull-8204908ratinghalf-5144227ratingnone-1943350 3.5

We have been going to the Northern Lights Saloon in Polebridge for over a decade now and each year it just keeps getting better.  North Forkers and tourists alike come to this funky little cabin in the woods for good food, good music, and good company.  Here are some of the photos that we took this year while visiting the Northern Lights.  They close down after the summer and we’ve been missing them!

Home Ranch Bottoms

Address: 8950 North Fork Road, Polebridge MT 59928— Get directions
Telephone: 406-888-5572
Get more info….
Rostra rating: ratingfull-8204908ratingfull-8204908ratingfull-8204908ratinghalf-5144227ratingnone-1943350 3.5

HRB was a place we never visited before this summer.  It just wasn’t done.  But new owners Shawn and Angie Agnew took over in the early spring and transformed this little store and country bar into a place where everyone likes to hang out.  Now there’s great microbrew beer, often music, and some of the best BBQ we’ve every had.  Shawn brings his misquote up from Texas in order to ensure that the flavor is just right.  HRB stayed open until mid November and everyone around here appreciated it.  Now the good times will have to wait until next summer.

So that’s it

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with us.  We’re not quite so lonely any more.  Maybe a little on the hungry side, though.  Here are some final photos of views around the North Fork.


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