Quick Bites Northwest Montana – July 2015

Quick Bites Northwest Montana – July 2015

Sometimes a restaurant we visit doesn’t quite merit a post of its own. There might be several reasons for this. Maybe there’s just not enough to say about the menu or perhaps we’ve not visited there often enough to have formed a solid option. On occasion it’s because we simply didn’t like the restaurant all that much. So here are some restaurants we’ve been to in the last year in Northwest Montana that didn’t merit a full Morgan-Hart-describe-every-dish review, but we thought that our adoring fans might be interested anyway. We hope that you enjoy these quick bites and the photos.

Belton Chalet

Address: 12575 Highway 2E, West Glacier MT 59936— Get directions
Website: www.beltonchalet.com
Telephone: (406) 888-5000
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Rostra rating: ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratingnone-2561452ratingnone-2561452 3

In January of 2015, Team Mago went to the Belton Chalet in West Glacier with good friends Angie and Shawn Agnew, owners of the Home Ranch Bottoms (see North Fork in Review), for a beer pairing dinner. The beer was provided by a relatively new establishment in Kalispell called the Kalispell Brewing Company owned by Maggie Doherty and head brewer Cole Schneider. Executive Chef Melissa Mangold from the Belton Chalet prepared the meal. We’ll have to admit that we neither really cared for either the beer or the food very much. Every course was really the same; huge portions of something served on top of something else with nothing really fitting together well. For example, I liked the pulled bacon, but the plantains were just too huge and overwhelming. Frankly both the food and the beer at Home Ranch Bottoms is better. To be fair we’ll need to give Belton Chalet another try, but I doubt that it will happen any time soon. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and the descriptions of the food.

Basecamp Cafe

Address: 140 Nucleus Ave, Columbia Falls MT 59912— Get directions
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Base-Camp-Cafe/442283599154386
Telephone: (406) 892-2674
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Rostra rating: ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratinghalf-6364823ratingnone-2561452 3.5

We live 40 miles up a dirt road north of Columbia Falls Montana, so “going into town” is a big deal. Part of the fun is stopping at the Basecamp Cafe for breakfast and/or lunch. The service is friendly and fast. And the food is always good bordering on great sometimes. Their bacon is especially good, either with your eggs in the morning or on their BLT. Like most breakfast places, though, they don’t seem to take the time to get the toast really brown. Oh well. I’m sure that they would if you asked.

Hob Nob

Address: 531 S Higgins Ave, Missoula MT 59801— Get directions
Website: hobnobonhiggins.com
Telephone: (406) 541-4622
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We were at the Red Bird Cafe late one evening having drinks and asked the bartenders where was the best place in Missoula to get breakfast. They both agreed that The Hob Nob on Higgins was certainly one of the best. Imagine our disappointment when the food came out so mediocre. We both walked away describing our plates as a mess of food, as if the kitchen staff simply didn’t care what they were putting out. So, here is a rare writeup of a restaurant that we can’t recommend.

Tupelo Grill

Address: 17 Central Ave, Whitefish MT 59937— Get directions
Website: tupelogrille.com
Telephone: (406) 862-6136
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Rostra rating: ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratingfull-4136775ratingnone-2561452ratingnone-2561452 3

We’ve been going to Tupelo Grill for years. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s not. What can we say? Maybe it depends on who the chef is that evening. The cornmeal crusted southern bayou catfish strips with sriracha lemon zest remoulade was some of the best of its kind. The roasted cauliflower with red Thai curry and asian style pickled cucumbers were great one night and sucked the next time we dined at this establishment. Kitchen consistency needs a lot of attention at Tupelo. And the bread is also usually good. If you’re in Whitefish looking for a place to eat, you might give it a try. Hope for a good night in the often slammed kitchen.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these quick bites. Here’s a map of all the places and hikes that we’ve posted in Northwest Montana.

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